andante open‚…‚„ on 5 Dec. 1998 in Minamiosawa, Hachioji
andante offers you a variety of handmade crafts.
We hope to be an oasis in Minamiosawa 5-chome area.
.andante has:
From UK: Beth Russell's Design Forum needlepoint kits
The Fei Collection 's and Cleopatra's needlepoint kits
Sue Hawkins' Needleworks
The Crewel Work Company's kits
We also have Appleton wool for needlepoint.
From USA: Bucilla's Products: needlepoint kits, applique kits, etc
From France: DMC Products.

andante is about a 5 Min walk from Minamiosawa Sta.,
It's on the first floor of 5-chome multi-purpose rooms,

andante opens daily from 10AM to 6PM.
Andante close every Wednesday and the third Tuesday.

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